Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Best Present Ever

So, today I took my BFFAE, Maddie, a double chocolate-chip frappacino from Starbucks since she had four teeth pulled yesterday (I've been there, done that, not fun). When I got there, the look on her face was soooo worth it - but then I had no idea she had gotten me this poster. She told me not to open it until I got home. Mom ripped the tag off so I wouldn't know what it was. When I finally got home after going to Chik-Fil-A to get some dinner (yum), I called Maddie and went upstairs to my room to open the poster. I ripped open the plastic and unrolled it find this GORGEOUS picture of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, characters from Twilight. (Enter Mom's Disclaimer HERE - Mom does not actually approve of these books, even though she actually enjoyed reading them too (and the movie) - still, not so much approved - we have come to a truce on this subject, after beating it like a dead fish, mind you). The poster earned the place of honor on my bedroom door for everyone to see (because I absolutely LOVE Twilight and Maddie is my best friend forever and ever). BTW, I took this picture after lots of trials and errors. Did I ever tell you I am in the photography club at school? (it's in my blood).

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Horse Show Pictures

My horse's name is Know No Limits, Know No for short. This is a picture of when I was headed for the dressage arena.
Going over the dressage test in my head...
Then galloping through the cross country course!
Over the last jump, then a race for the finish line!
Horses always keep your sense of humor!!!!

We finished with fifth place, and I was very pround of Know No!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Horse Show

Tomorrow, as some of you may know, I will be in my very first horse show!!! It is held at Olde Hope Farms ( www.oldehopefarms.com ) and I will be entering the Elementary Division in Evening Shade III on August 15. If you go to their website you will see the words "our 2008 eventing schedule". Beneath that it says August 15 2008- Evening Shade III. If you click on "times" right below it it will bring up a different page. Click "times" again at the bottom of the page. Then scroll down until you see boxes. Go five boxes down and I am number 64. The horses name is Know No Limits, and they spelled my name wrong. It's a lot of steps to follow, but I think it makes everything look so professional when you see my name on the website. I can't wait until tomorrow. I'm not sure how I will sleep tonight. I will post pictures tomorrow, and so will my mom.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I was so excited to finally go to RVR - I have waited SOOOOOO long for camp. My really good friend Jordan was able to go to -we are both crazy about horses. Here are some pictures my mom took. I had the most AMAZING ever time - the best week of my life. I will definitely be going back every summer - and when I'm old enough I will be a counselor there. I could live there.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cookie Disaster

Since everyone has been nagging me about updating my blog, I will. Today me, Hannah and our neighbor Lindsey decided that we wanted to bake a nice batch of homemade cookies. So we pulled out all the ingredients and started mixing them together. It took a while because I rarely cook and I had no idea where anything in our kitchen is. When we finally found the brown sugar, which by the way has a tendency to blend in with its surroundings we followed the directions on the back of the chocolate chip bag perfectly, except for spilling flour on the floor and almost forgetting the sugar. The batter was done, and we where about to put it on the tray but first we had to taste test the cookie dough, and it tasted horrible!!! Hannah said it tasted like play dough ( I wonder how she knows what play dough tastes like? hmm... ). We found out the flour we used was very very old, and after a few desperate tries to save the cookie dough from being disposed of, it didn't work. Our cookie dough ended up down the drain. The moral of this story? Never bake cookies without abult supervision ( or maybe always check the expiration on the flour bag before you dump it in the bowl ).

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Heat Lightning

You might have already seen these pics on my moms blog, but they are so amazing that I had to put them on mine. Its called heat lightning, which is pretty much cloud to cloud lightning. The weird part is that you can see the lightning but you cant hear any thunder. I looked it up on wikipedia and it said that either there is a thunderstorm that is too far away to hear (which doesn't make sense because if you see the lightning you should hear the thunder) or the air is too dense and traps the sound, which kinda makes sense, but I still cant fully comprehend a silent, rainless thunderstorm. Mom tried to get some pictures, but they didn't turn out so we found these on Google.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Do you like my new summer look? Me and mom went and got highlight together.
I got mine cut and I love it!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Boys

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My Horse Friends

Me on Buck


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Update on Bailey and Brody

Here are some pics of my boys- there all of them sleeping, its hard to catch them in action!


Bailey and Brody



Last week the 6th and 7th grades went on a 3 day long field trip to River Valley Ranch, home of about 60 horses, 3 half mile long zip lines, 1 quarter mile long zip line, high and low ropes courses and much more! There was beautiful weather (until Friday when it rained) and the talks were amazing. Here are some of the many pics I took.

Of course we had to have games, this is Syd's mom trying to maneuver an Oreo into her mouth without using hands.

Kathryn and Abby eating a delicious lunch in the tent

Victoria and Kathryn- notice the shirts? Our small group custom made them
I'm guessing Catie isn't a morning person!

Having fun in the creek with the annual "river jumping" contest

Friday, April 11, 2008


As most of you probably know, we have been waiting to get a puppy since last Sunday. After having to take our old dog, Spencer, to the Humane Society we (more like me and Hannah) have been wanting to get another dog. Last Sunday we visited a breeder who had Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies- perfect dogs for family life. As soon as we saw them we all feel in love. We knew we had to get one. Mom and Dad said we would get one on Saturday (secretly planning to surprise us after school on Friday with the puppy). Well, Thurday afternoon I was walking to the car after a long day of school. I tossed my backpack in the car and my mom told me to look down. I looked down and all I saw was a box. I thought it was just a regular box, until it moved. I slowly opened the lid to reveal TWO adorable puppies!!! You have no idea how excited I was! I immediately went to show my friends the puppy I had waited for and then had the whole school surrounding me and my little dog. After school we went to PetSmart to get all the supplies. Once again, almost everyone wanted to know about the two brothers. We decided on the names Bailey and Brody, and they are already learning their new names.

Sorry there aren't more pictures. I'm doing this before school and I don't have enough time. I'll make sure there are more by tomorrow.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Relaxing in FL

I am very sorry I haven't been updating my blog, but I've been very busy! For spring break we decided to drive to Florida to visit family. Here are some pictures my mom took with her camera ( as usual!). Yum... boiled peanuts...
Me and my cutie cousin Tanek

Yes, Florida does have alligators. What a surprise.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Check out my Guestbook!

Hey! Sign my guestbook, but make sure you don't put you're real address (just put your state) or your last name.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Well, today I got my braces. It took FOREVER to get them on! Then they had to suck the spit out of my mouth it was not a relaxing or enjoyable experience but I had Maddy by my side umm just... well being annoying jk!! Then they put this wierd thing around my lips and personally I think I looked like a duck. The cement tasted horrible and it hurt when they put the rubber band color things on. Then we went to Boston Market and I got mashed potatoes(yummy yummy in my tummy!lol) and macaroni and cheese. We went to the mall and bought mom some jeans. Maddy kicked a soccer ball the whole time in Old Navy and ran into people who looked at her like she was wierd or something (now where would they get that idea??). We went to the bookstore and got frappacinos(once again, yummy in my tummy!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Off School for SNOW?

Yes, we are off school for snow. So if we don't have school, why isn't there snow? We haven't gotten a decent snow all winter! I really want to go outside and go sledding and fun stuff like that. Maybe this time the snow will stick for more then a day and a half!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Okay, I know all you guys are probally either stressing out or cheering you heads off when I'm writing this right now about the Superbowl. But guess what, I think the Patriots AND the Giants did a really good job (and I also think Patriots should've won.Yeahh!!! Go Patriots!!). And Maddy, I DON'T CARE!!! The only reason why the Giants won was because of that last touchdown. So please don't rub it in my face that I wanted the Patriots to win.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Winter Formal

Hey friends! I hope everyone had a good beginning of the week! I'm not sure about all you school friends, but I can't wait for the formal! My mom's pretty excited that she was chosen to take pictures,and I can understand why they chose her, she's a great photographer!

These are my first pair of heels, and the background is my dress.


Hey everyone! It's me Kirsten. I officially have my own blogspot!! I'll put cool things that are going on in my life here, so check back often!! Glad you stopped by!! SEE YA!

Ahhh, remembering the warm days right now in the middle of January..... sigh.....