Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Boys

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My Horse Friends

Me on Buck


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Update on Bailey and Brody

Here are some pics of my boys- there all of them sleeping, its hard to catch them in action!


Bailey and Brody



Last week the 6th and 7th grades went on a 3 day long field trip to River Valley Ranch, home of about 60 horses, 3 half mile long zip lines, 1 quarter mile long zip line, high and low ropes courses and much more! There was beautiful weather (until Friday when it rained) and the talks were amazing. Here are some of the many pics I took.

Of course we had to have games, this is Syd's mom trying to maneuver an Oreo into her mouth without using hands.

Kathryn and Abby eating a delicious lunch in the tent

Victoria and Kathryn- notice the shirts? Our small group custom made them
I'm guessing Catie isn't a morning person!

Having fun in the creek with the annual "river jumping" contest