Saturday, August 16, 2008

Horse Show Pictures

My horse's name is Know No Limits, Know No for short. This is a picture of when I was headed for the dressage arena.
Going over the dressage test in my head...
Then galloping through the cross country course!
Over the last jump, then a race for the finish line!
Horses always keep your sense of humor!!!!

We finished with fifth place, and I was very pround of Know No!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Horse Show

Tomorrow, as some of you may know, I will be in my very first horse show!!! It is held at Olde Hope Farms ( ) and I will be entering the Elementary Division in Evening Shade III on August 15. If you go to their website you will see the words "our 2008 eventing schedule". Beneath that it says August 15 2008- Evening Shade III. If you click on "times" right below it it will bring up a different page. Click "times" again at the bottom of the page. Then scroll down until you see boxes. Go five boxes down and I am number 64. The horses name is Know No Limits, and they spelled my name wrong. It's a lot of steps to follow, but I think it makes everything look so professional when you see my name on the website. I can't wait until tomorrow. I'm not sure how I will sleep tonight. I will post pictures tomorrow, and so will my mom.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I was so excited to finally go to RVR - I have waited SOOOOOO long for camp. My really good friend Jordan was able to go to -we are both crazy about horses. Here are some pictures my mom took. I had the most AMAZING ever time - the best week of my life. I will definitely be going back every summer - and when I'm old enough I will be a counselor there. I could live there.