Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cookie Disaster

Since everyone has been nagging me about updating my blog, I will. Today me, Hannah and our neighbor Lindsey decided that we wanted to bake a nice batch of homemade cookies. So we pulled out all the ingredients and started mixing them together. It took a while because I rarely cook and I had no idea where anything in our kitchen is. When we finally found the brown sugar, which by the way has a tendency to blend in with its surroundings we followed the directions on the back of the chocolate chip bag perfectly, except for spilling flour on the floor and almost forgetting the sugar. The batter was done, and we where about to put it on the tray but first we had to taste test the cookie dough, and it tasted horrible!!! Hannah said it tasted like play dough ( I wonder how she knows what play dough tastes like? hmm... ). We found out the flour we used was very very old, and after a few desperate tries to save the cookie dough from being disposed of, it didn't work. Our cookie dough ended up down the drain. The moral of this story? Never bake cookies without abult supervision ( or maybe always check the expiration on the flour bag before you dump it in the bowl ).

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Heat Lightning

You might have already seen these pics on my moms blog, but they are so amazing that I had to put them on mine. Its called heat lightning, which is pretty much cloud to cloud lightning. The weird part is that you can see the lightning but you cant hear any thunder. I looked it up on wikipedia and it said that either there is a thunderstorm that is too far away to hear (which doesn't make sense because if you see the lightning you should hear the thunder) or the air is too dense and traps the sound, which kinda makes sense, but I still cant fully comprehend a silent, rainless thunderstorm. Mom tried to get some pictures, but they didn't turn out so we found these on Google.